Menny. Probably older than you. I live in America's wang. I'm well aware that it sucks. I'm not here to please any of you so if you don't like it, fuck off.
If we're bros and you want to blacklist my various fandom posts, I have special tags for each:
Football stuff: #fbol.
Teen Wolf stuff: #teen wolf or #teen wolf liveblog
Surfing stuff: #surfing or #surfers. Snowboarders: #snowboarding or #snowboarders. Duh.
Hockey: #hockey (really, rocket science here) or #Flyers or #Blackhawks. I also tag any other team with the name of the team but not the city, if you care to blacklist specific teams.

Football: You will find Real Madrid, Arsenal, AC Milan, and Spain NT stuff here but I'm a Madridista first.

Hockey: Flyers, Blackhawks, occasionally or more-than-occasionally other teams. But I'm a Flyers fan first.

I'm not an asshole to supporters of rival teams unless you're a twat.

I post a lot of other random crap, too. I also complain a lot, mostly about work.




"Proof that phenomenal talent comes in all sizes."
Tyler Myers | Nathan Gerbe
Myers: 6’8” | Gerbe: 5’5” 

thanks for showing up 12 hours before I leave on my trip, period.